I was introduced to acupuncture at a young age. Back then, I was battling asthma, and growing pains. I remember coming out of each session amazed at the potent relief I was experiencing. I was too young to understand what was going on, but clearly... it had made an impression.

As a young woman, I became an avid long distance runner, and the passion naturally drove my studies in kinesiology at the University of Calgary, Canada. Conveniently located close to the Rocky Mountains, I also got interested in outdoor emergency medicine, and trained to become a ski patroller.  This is when I had my epiphany! I wanted to get involved in Sports Medicine, but not in the traditional way. My life was already deeply rooted in holistic views, and I was looking for the approach and tools that would help me support athletes of all levels. Then I remembered my positive wellness experience with acupuncture. There was my vision and goal. 

Upon getting licensed as an acupuncturist in California, I entered motherhood, and realized that conventional medicine had limited options when caring for children. Pediatrics became a strong interest, and I leaped into it. A kid's well being can be supported with gentle techniques, herbal formulas (safe), and sometimes hair-thin needles (when allowed by the child). Exposing your child to a medicine much different than the one they are used to ultimately gives them the knowledge, and lifeskill to explore holistic wellness solutions later in life. 

It is a great privilege to host you at Free Range Acupuncture, and hope to be helping you soon.

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