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Evoking the freedom of movement without pain 

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Relax & Rest & Regenerate

Cupping involves twirling a cotton ball lit on fire inside a cup to make a glass cup stick to your body as the fire is withdrawn. The skin, muscles, nerves, get irrigated by the growth and repair factors released throughout the body by the pulling action of the cups on the tissue.


The Inside Job

Address your condition, and augment your acupuncture treatment from the inside. Herbs are safe and effective when prescribed by a professional herbalist. I only trust brands that adhere to strict quality standards, and deliver results.

Chinese Medicine Herbs


Ancient methods for contemporary issues

By now... you must have at least heard of it!  Acupuncture uses sterile single use needles that are so thin that they are barely perceptible to you. But to your body, the needles are a catalyst for tissue regeneration, relaxation, and body awareness.



The Essence of Free Range Acupuncture

Injuries, aches, and pains are well treated with acupuncture. The needles are there to bring your body's attention to the problem. They create non-traumatic micro tears in the surrounding tissues, bringing fresh, oxygenated blood to the tissues, releasing natural painkillers, and stimulating the healing process.



Integrative Wellness

Trust this powerful medicine to keep you well and strong, and rely on prevention. Your acupuncturist can help you navigate and order simple metabolic tests, as well as assist you with imaging when needed (Xray, MRI). 
Chinese Medicine is widely based on the observation of nature. "Tune up" and regulate through the seasons in preparation for a trip, when forecasting a busy and loaded work period, or to prepare for your favorite activities.

Ear Exam


Trigger Point Therapy 

This increasingly popular technique has become a favorite of athletes, and is sought after to treat myofascial pain, increase range of motion, and speed up injury recovery. 

By inserting, and manipulating a needle in a trigger point, a cascade of favorable metabolic events ensue around the injured tissues to promote healing, and natural pain relief. 

Trigger points are highly "excitable", and will relax after the inserted needle provokes an involuntary twitch (fasciculation) in the muscle.  Soreness may be experienced following your appointment (48 hrs), but does not prevent activity. 



As They Grow

It is never too early to start using traditional methods and remedies to treat your young one(s). From "growing pains" to anxiety, exposing your child to a medicine much different than the one they are used to ultimately gives them the knowledge, and lifeskill to explore holistic wellness solutions later in life. 

Afraid of needles?? Gentle techniques, and a few tricks are used to accommodate every patient's comfort level. 

Child playing soccer

LED Light Therapy 

The Gentle Power of Light 

Low level light therapy is a safe and efficient way to stimulate your body's collagen matrix, and enhance cellular activity.

LED light therapy is backed up by clinical research and is 

scientifically proven to relieve arthritic pain, muscle and joint pain and stiffness. Light therapy boosts cellular energy resulting in a cascade of metabolic events leading to an increase in micro-circulation, tissue repair, and a decrease in inflammation and pain. 



Melanie is amazing. I started seeing her in late 2016. She changed my entire outlook on acupuncture. I have since recovered from an injury that consumed my life - For more than year I did not run or jump due to the pain in my heel. After seeing Melanie consistently every 2-3 weeks my injuries became less noticeable. I am able to do short runs now and light jumping with no pain or aches. She has helped me maintain and stay injury free.

Sarah Foster

More recently, I came to her with chronic pain in my forearms from old injuries exacerbated by computer work/typing and yoga. I've had this pain for over 6 years and no one has been able to treat it like she has. She listened carefully, analyzed the problem, and combined a few types of treatment to bring me the most relief I've had in years. I had resigned myself to this being a forever issue; now with Melanie's expertise I feel hopeful that we can truly treat this issue.

Anna Schmidt

Melanie is amazing - knowledgeable, kind, detail-oriented, and therapeutically on-point. She spends time with you and really makes you feel like you are the only thing she is paying attention to while you are there. She won my business out right and I’ll be referring her to all my friends/family!

Andrea Norman

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